Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gifts and Family~ Regalos y Familia

I have been showered with unexpected presents this week. They came to me in the most appropriate time, as I recovered from a bad cold and the freak snowstorm in October that have messed up my mojo. I can honestly tell you that DREW set out to shake and rumble my life in all aspects and has succeeded!  But I will share more details about that later. For now I just want to be thankful!

Thanks Betsy Kutcha for the awesome blinged-out baggie! It is so convenient since 
I no longer use purses unless absolutely necessary! Plus no one else has one of these!
Custom made for me and I feel so special.  Thanks for such a thoughtful detail!
Who's in the picture?  Yes, you guessed it!  New Kids on the Block! 
So precious to go to the mailbox and find 5 young hot men who take me
 back to feeling like a 15 year old all over again! Thank you mamacita Sarah Ro, 
you will never know how awesome was to receive this at a particular special timing.
Gracias a mi nueva mamacita Michelle, de Mexicali Mejico, Ay ay ay,
quien no solamente nos regalo una deliciosa cena, chiles rellenos de camarones y queso, salsa y arroz, sino que tambien me regalo este cuadrito que tiene una lista perfecta de reglas para la familia.

Ciertamente nada tiene que ver esto con los regalos.
Certainly all this is not only about the gifts.

Se trata de la gente detras de cada regalo.
It's about the people behind each gift.

Alguno regalos son palpables, otros no.
Some gifts are palpable, others not so much.

Pero pequeños detalles nos recuerdan que tenemos una familia 
extendida que te mantienen a ti y tu familia en sus pensamientos.
But details like this remind you that you have an 
extended family that keep you and your family in their thoughts.

Tambien me recuerda ser mas detallista y considerada con aquellos a quienes considero familia.
It also reminds me to be more mindful and considerate with those I consider family.

Y con los extraños tambien, especialmente.
And with strangers too, specially.

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