Saturday, October 22, 2011

Strung Together

"I will sing a new song to you, my God;
on the ten-stringed lyre I will make music to you," --Psalm 144:9

I must start this my first blog (two months!) after arriving in Jersey by saying: "I Love Drew!"  Today is the perfect example why.  Music is everywhere in this place from the chirping squirrels, the sounds of the organ at Chapel, the melody of deep conversations striking in every corner, and today strings being strummed to different melodies, sentiments, with words or without.

My little Dysere joined the school orchestra and chose to play the cello.  After a few incidents that kept us from getting the cello we finally were able to rent it and bring it home today.  The days of the persecution are over.  If you know Dysere you know she can be a persistent bee!  So Dysere's strings are potential melodies she will weave in community with her classmates and we are excited!

Chris Ramirez playing at TOE.  
 Tonight we had the delight to hear play Chris Ramirez and Talley Summerlin at The Other End (TOE) on campus.  What a treat!  Both Chris and Talley are our neighbors, both their wives are completing their PhD at the Theo School and their children play with Dysere.  They are both talented singer-songwriters. I truly enjoyed their music.  Chris' songs are deep and his voice carries the words with intense emotion.  Talley's songs are melodious poetry that  reflect on the daily "little things" and invite us to take action.  Visit his website at or Like him on Facebook. 

Talley playing at TOE.

Video quality is not good, but sounds great!

Finally, on my way back from TOE, I headed to the lounge in my building to microwave some pizza.  There sharing string music,  two beloved friends Efrain Zavala (Arizona) and Michael Howard (Kentucky).  Both also super talented, playing two of my favorite worship songs, SeƱor Eres Fiel/ Lord You are Good and Eres Mi Respirar/ This is the Air I Breathe.

Efrain and Michael practicing for worship.
Video quality is not good, but sounds great!

It is so nice to see how music strings us together.  Breaking all boundaries men may rise, God makes us one through the language that has not need for words or supernatural knowledge.  Music builds community and make strong families stronger.  God Bless and Peace Out!

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  1. What an amazing gift. Music has been an important part of my life since my birth. From my mother singing to me and teaching me songs, to Sunday School, Girl Scouts and high school choir. I have been blessed to have a musical family. It has really been a Godsend. I find such comfort in music, and sometimes it is even an outlet for anger, fear, sadness and pain. Thank you for sharing this. I am very excited for you and the things God keeps putting in your path to give you peace, joy, comfort and community.

    Oh, and by the way, I have ALWAYS wanted to play the cello! Go Dysere Go!